Don't cancel the year that woke you tf up #2020vision

Like the title says: let's not cancel the year/summer that woke me tf up. That 2020 vision as you might say. Who knew in the middle of a pandemic I would learn more about myself and what I want more than anything else. There's been loss, been heart break, self evolution that was harder than anything, and yet through all of that some of the best times of my life with the best people I have ever met. I am such a strong believer that God brings the right opportunities and people into your life when you most need it and he takes out the people you that don't anymore. As heart breaking and hard it is to outgrow people and loose people in life, it's apart of growing and making room for new. This summer I have had the opportunity to see myself grow more than ever. Here's to brand knew opportunities, friends, places, and memories!

The Summer "woke" list: 
1. Some of the best plans happen when they aren't planned.
2. Friends come and go from your life. Every one of them should teach you a lesson.
3. No relationship is perfect. Social media tries to portray it that way but it AINT THAT WAY ever.
4. Not everyone is going to want you to succeed and be happy in life. You have to make sure you don't have those people in your circle.
5. The way people react to what you have to say and do is a direct reflection on them and their internal issues, not you. 
6. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. Post whatever you want on instagram. You like that sunset picture you took? post it. You wanna post the knew candle you got at TJ Maxx? post it. You wanna post that bikini picture? post it. We have to stop caring about what we think people will think or say about us or how many likes we get, whatever it may be. Stop caring. 
7. Be selfish in life. Do what makes YOU happy. You will never ever make every single person in your life all happy.
8.Go on the trip with the random girl you met on instagram.
9. We as a generation have got to stop being so freaking sensitive. 
10. Jealousy does not look good on anyone. Be the one that is happy for others success's and surround yourself with people that are happy for yours. 

Summer recap reel:

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